Calling all Partners!

Here's the thing.  John and I are stoked to be building a brand new app - one that we hope will revolutionize the experience of owning a pool.  We're actively pursuing ideas of how to take the hassle out of pool care, and we need you to help make us successful!

We're actively looking for companies to partner with, specifically the folks who are gauging  pool chemistry in real-time with technology, AND with the best distributors so that we can build something that pool owners really want. For more info, visit our partners' page here:

Pool care is a very complex problem that we could never solve on our own. So, we've strategically chosen to focus on 1 thing: user-experience. After spending several years iterating on solutions for novices, enthusiasts, and professionals, we've finally condensed everything into a single platform. It's the most wonderful software ever created for swimming pool owners.

Together, we can make it even better!