The Future of Distribution

Distributors are an essential part of any industry, and ours is no exception. Many of the best pool supply distributors are now actively looking for new ways to innovate, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re not the only ones taking notice either; Pool & Spa News just featured an article on the same topic.

The article suggests that distributors are looking for new ways to secure their position at the core of the industry for years to come. It also suggests that distributors are doing this by selling a wider variety of "peripheral pool, spa, and backyard products." This is true, but there's a lot more happening.

They’re also re-imagining how things are sold. Technology is playing a larger part in consumers' lives, and many of the retailers they have traditionally partnered with are struggling to keep up. And it’s not their fault; the task is simply impossible.

They are trying to grow their business by answering the wrong question: “How can we use technology to provide more service to our customers?” This is a sensible question for an executive to ask, and it works for the pool service industry. However, when it comes to pool supplies, something very interesting happens.

Technology empowers the customer to do more on their own, so the solution is to provide less service to them. This is not a popular opinion among retailers, but it's the future, and distributors know it. The same Pool & Spa News article suggests that distributors are already feeling pressure from “deep-pocketed online competitors.” Perhaps they're referring to companies such as or

We might not be deep-pocketed, but ware creating technology that changes the system. We empower consumers with the exact amount of information and data they want. We help them quickly determine what they need to care for their pool, leaving just 1 question: "Where do I get my supplies?” They don’t want to pay a premium for someone at the pool store to also give them advice, and they don’t want to be sold anything extra. They just want the most convenient, cost-effective way of getting the supplies they need.

This is a huge opportunity for us to partner with existing distributors and provide a fresh new alternative to these customers. Our technology isn’t focused on selling customers more of any particular thing; we provide actionable information to our users, and they can choose whether or not to purchase their supplies from us. For distributors, this partnership gets them another step closer to securing their industry position for years to come.