Our Logo

"Wait, is that really your logo?"


Our logo is a trident in a cloud, and people react to it. We create tools that empower people to manage bodies of water, so the symbolism of a trident (the tool that King Neptune used to control the seas) was the perfect fit. It's very different than anything else in the swimming pool industry, and with good reason.

So many companies here brand themselves with leisure and fun, because those are the fundamental things that people want from their swimming pool. There is a slight disconnect here though, because those aren't actually the feelings that people have when they're looking for a better pool-care solution.

I've talked to a lot of pool owners who were searching for a better pool-care solution (shocking, I know). Do you know what they all had in common? They're frustrated. Generally, most of the following are true:

- They've spent a significant amount of money just to own a pool

- It's hot outside

- Something is wrong with their pool, and the over-simplified, super-friendly-looking product they already tried did not work

At this point, all of the products covered with pictures of kids splashing in photoshopped-to-perfection swimming pools seem disingenuous and all of the "1-2-3 systems" elicit nothing but skepticism. These people usually give up and pay even more money to schedule a pool service appointment for later in the week, but now we're introducing another option.

Pool Cloud is for people who want actionable instructions they can trust. Water chemistry is complicated, and we don't simplify it -- we automate it. This is a fundamentally different approach to swimming pool care. Our app doesn't make people read long articles and become chemistry enthusiasts just to treat their own swimming pool. Instead, it quickly drives people to perform specific pool-care actions, and then it gets out of the way and lets them confidently enjoy their pool until the next service.

Our app drives users to action, and our logo takes the form of a tool to seize control of your water -- we're not sugar-coating anything, because our customers are ready to take charge of their pool!

Special thanks to Virginia Bach for helping us design this edgy logo in a friendly, modern way.