We love pools, and we believe that pool owners are smart.

In 2010, we made our first swimming pool chemical calculator for smartphones. After supporting that app for 5 years, we learned quite a bit. Most importantly:

There is no one, single correct way to treat a swimming pool. However, you shouldn't have to be a pool care expert to choose a method and stick to it. The Pool Cloud allows you to choose from a variety of service-plans based on your needs, your preferences, and your budget. The most beautiful part of these service-plans is that anyone can create their own, because we don't know everything.

The Pool Cloud is an extremely powerful platform that allows pool enthusiasts to define their own service-plans and create their own water-chemistry "recipes." The app then serves as a digital tool for them, and they have the option to submit their plan to us for approval. We screen the plans for basic safety and quality-assurance, but then our entire community of pool owners can rate and comment on the plans to ultimately determine the most popular ones.

This was a difficult and non-obvious solution, but the result is magic:

Any pool owner can open our app and receive simple, actionable, un-biased pool care instructions immediately. The app will always be free to use, and we are currently working with distributors to establish an order-fulfillment process. In other words, if you don't want to go the pool store again, we will be able to ship everything you need straight to your door. Our biggest hurdle so far is shipping rates for medium-sized quantities of heavy chemicals, but we're working on it. And remember: this paid service is optional, and it establishes a business plan that doesn't involve selling your data to third-parties when you use our free app!